Friday, 2 November 2012

"There's a Story"

Well, I passed the halfway mark on my Independent Professional Project (IPP) a couple of weeks ago and decided it was looking at little blank without a cover. I'm writing a book, by the way. About my lovely family and a funeral. It's really a funny story.

Through the process of editing my chapters I'm finding I like the voice of the first five or so chapters and the rest, well, they could use a little work.

First a break, to get some distance. In the meantime, here's the interm cover and the chapter names.


Chapter One: A Bunch of Blonde Indians
Chapter Two: Car No. Two says, "Are we there yet?"
Chapter Three: The Dog Won't Leave
Chapter Four: Nobody Move--My Pie is Missing
Chapter Five: As the Crow Flies
Chapter Six: Same guy, Different Telephone
Chapter Seven: Clean sheets and Good scotch
Chapter Eight: On the Road ... Again
Chapter Nine: Oh, We're Not Even Close
Chapter Ten: Sun up, Sun down
Chapter Eleven: There's a Story

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