Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Body art

An interesting post by my friend Sarah Panas got me thinking. She is currently in the throws of a debate with herself over whether to remove her cheek piercings to "keep doors open" for herself once we're on the job market in a year. So I started wondering about workplaces and if our body piercings or body art have become integral to our self image, do we want to work in a place that looks down on them?

My initial thoughts are so long your adornments aren't a distraction when meeting new people or, say, talking to your boss they should be fine. I don't think Sarah's piercings are. But what will she do?

My tattoo. Matches my father's tattoo. Easily concealed by a sleeve.
Photo by Maria Cristina Laureano.

Saturday, 22 September 2012


This summer I spent five incredible weeks on Vancouver Island immersed in a french language program at the University of Victoria. The fact sad was that I missed my friends at home. Facebook isn't really for me. (I don't like the idea of people knowing more about me than what I've told them myself.) But letting them see what I can see, or what I care to show them, sounds like a brilliant idea.

I will admit to being timid in my initial approach to personal social media. Instagram though, I took to instantly. No puns, please. It solves the constant-traveller's problem of, "I wish you could see this." Instagram is saying, "Go ahead. Show them."

So in a final farewell to my summer in Victoria I leave you these photos. If ya like, follow me on Instagram @jaclynleskiw.

Irony at a vintage clothing store

Buchart Gardens

Robot earrings

New friends say goodbye

Thursday, 20 September 2012


For a school calendar assignment I drew inspiration from my summer in Victoria, BC. A truly lovely city with a downtown that I'm still dreaming about it's ripe with ice cream shops and killer smoked salmon. However, it was the lights of the parliament building in the evening that were the jumping off point for the design. That, and that little spot of turquoise-green on the tip. Beautiful.

This shot was taken from in front of the Fairmont Empress Hotel along the harbour. A must see!


So like your wardrobe come fall, this blog is going through a bit of a revamp. It will still on occasion talk about Winnipeg--because let's face it, it is still my home--but I'm broadening its horizons a bit. To put it succinctly I'll be blogging about what interests me. I will also be trying to post more of my own original photos, artwork, and writing. Colour me inspired by my CreComm friends and their lovely blogs. So until next time ...