Friday, 24 February 2012

The nominees are...

The Oscars = a brand

Billy Crystal to host 2012 Oscars (I know they're called the Academy Awards)

I’m watching The Today Show where Donny Deutsch (a big ad exec, you’ve probably heard his name) was talking about the ratings for the Academy Awards.

He said last year’s ratings took such a hit with Anne Hathaway and James Franco as hosts because – get this – the Oscars were trying to be too hip.

I thought being “hip” was how your climbed the ratings ladder.

Apparently not, according to Deutsch. These young, popular hosts (Deutsch said) broke with the Oscar brand. People expect certain things from the Academy Awards. On the top of that list...TRADITION.

In comes Billy Crystal as host. For the ninth time.

Friday, 17 February 2012

On a (West) Jet plane...

Countdown is on ... okay I'm too tired to actually count but I know it's less than 24 hours until my plane takes off. To Puerto Rico that is. Yeayah.

See you in a week-ish.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Virtually celebrating

My cousin Robert and his wife Jayme are having their first child this spring. My mom hosts a great baby shower (I mean top notch). The problem: Robert and Jayme live in Austin, Texas.

So what do we do? We get together at our house and with the help of Rob’s sister, Lauren, and her husband, Billy … we Skype the parents-to-be. They were so surprised, it was really sweet.

The biggest hit when it came time to open gifts? Mine. Jet’s gear so small it could fit a Pomeranian.

(Well, at least I think it was the best.)

The only hitch in our virtual baby shower was that we couldn’t hear the others on Skype. So they wrote notes, and likely laughed at us off screen.

All in all it was a weird way to celebrate a new addition to our crazy family. But, hey, at least we got to do it, right?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tears and Football

Three Superbowl ads that made me cry.

Chrysler: It's Halftime America

Budweiser: Flash Fans

Volkswagen: The Bark Side

I don't know why the last one,


Monday, 6 February 2012

Dear Winnipeg

This weekend the weather was beautiful as the 11th Annual Ironman Curling Bonspiel was held to benefit the Heart and Stroke Foundation and I have to tell you … this is the first time I’ve heard of it.

Not that this is surprising having grown up with two curlers for parents and a healthy fear of ice. I’ve taken the same position on curling as I have on perms: Not for me. (I’m clumsy. The bruises on my shins are proof.)

I never understood what the point was of a game that took so long to finish. Wouldn’t you get bored? It’s funny because when I was younger I would take my homework to the rink on Friday nights because when the only other option was to watch curling, I knew my homework would get done.

We didn’t have a TV in our club.

But a few years ago when our decrepit old rink was torn down and we hadn’t raised enough money to build the new one I realized why so many Winnipeggers love this sport/game/whatever you want to call it.

And it’s exactly what the Ironman Bonspiel did this weekend. It’ gives friends the opportunity to get together after a long week’s work…and show off your mad skills. In a freezing cold arena. 

See Jeff Stoughton video by clicking here.

Taken from Canadian Curling Association's website: