Monday, 6 February 2012

Dear Winnipeg

This weekend the weather was beautiful as the 11th Annual Ironman Curling Bonspiel was held to benefit the Heart and Stroke Foundation and I have to tell you … this is the first time I’ve heard of it.

Not that this is surprising having grown up with two curlers for parents and a healthy fear of ice. I’ve taken the same position on curling as I have on perms: Not for me. (I’m clumsy. The bruises on my shins are proof.)

I never understood what the point was of a game that took so long to finish. Wouldn’t you get bored? It’s funny because when I was younger I would take my homework to the rink on Friday nights because when the only other option was to watch curling, I knew my homework would get done.

We didn’t have a TV in our club.

But a few years ago when our decrepit old rink was torn down and we hadn’t raised enough money to build the new one I realized why so many Winnipeggers love this sport/game/whatever you want to call it.

And it’s exactly what the Ironman Bonspiel did this weekend. It’ gives friends the opportunity to get together after a long week’s work…and show off your mad skills. In a freezing cold arena. 

See Jeff Stoughton video by clicking here.

Taken from Canadian Curling Association's website:

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