Saturday, 22 September 2012


This summer I spent five incredible weeks on Vancouver Island immersed in a french language program at the University of Victoria. The fact sad was that I missed my friends at home. Facebook isn't really for me. (I don't like the idea of people knowing more about me than what I've told them myself.) But letting them see what I can see, or what I care to show them, sounds like a brilliant idea.

I will admit to being timid in my initial approach to personal social media. Instagram though, I took to instantly. No puns, please. It solves the constant-traveller's problem of, "I wish you could see this." Instagram is saying, "Go ahead. Show them."

So in a final farewell to my summer in Victoria I leave you these photos. If ya like, follow me on Instagram @jaclynleskiw.

Irony at a vintage clothing store

Buchart Gardens

Robot earrings

New friends say goodbye

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