Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Visual

Deciding on which of the (many) online resume builders I was going to make use of this weekend, I realized something about my pecking process: the visual really matters to me.

It's not that most of the websites don't offer the same basic thing--they do. (LinkedIn stills seems to be the most useful in making connections with other colleagues and professionals.) But what I was looking for when I scrolled through the sample resumes on each site was which of them looked the most professional.

Now, I know flash doesn't ever compensate for substance, but with little professional experience to my name (unless you count those years at university and college) I feel the need to supplement the content of my resume with my design skills.

I found a website whose design comes close to what I do if I had the skills necessary to create one.

It's called, Do You Buzz.

I guess the answer is: now I do =) The link to my resume is just to the right.

The display of Do You Buzz online resume builder.

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