Friday, 25 November 2011

Profile of a Winnipeg Artist

The artist, wearing characteristically
little jewelry.

Chelsea Miller, ARTIST

Age: 24

Hometown: Winnipeg

Hair colour: Red

Recent trip: Paris, then onto Manchester, England to see her favourite band play live.

Find her at: the Mechantile at RRC’s Exchange District Campus; she’s worked there for 6 years.

What she does: makes incredible pieces of jewellery, paints.
Chelsea Miller, artist and jewelry-maker, will be opening her first store, an online vintage shop, within the year. What's it going to be called? Winnipeg Vintage. What's special about this store? Well, Chelsea’s designs for starters.

Chelsea has been creating necklaces using yarn and metal hoops for two years and has been thinking seriously about opening Winnipeg Vintage for the last six months. Her friend, Ali, 26, got on board two months ago.
Chelsea, who admits she's
obsessed with Native art,
says her designs were influenced
by the look of dreamcatchers.

The biggest problem Chelsea sees with other vintage clothing and accessory stores in Winnipeg: People walk in, browse, and leave empty handed. Chelsea wants her store to house stock that people can actually afford. 

The two of them started looking for store space here in the Exchange District but after looking at a place with a $5000 a month rent (utilities not included) and another in a basement off Albert Street, they decided against a physical location. "Financially, this is where we’re at,” says Chelsea. 

Instead the two women are focusing on creating an online space with a vibe reminiscent of the silent movies. And, in a completely Winnipeg way—where six degrees of separation is really more like two or three—Winnipeg Vintage will feature a “backscratchers” section that will promote local stores and artists who spread the word about the store.

[Slideshow Property of Winnipeg Vintage]

A great idea from prairie-grown talent.

When asked about aesthetic of Winnipeg Vintage, Chelsea says the website is going to look like the inside of her head. "Girl barf," she calls it. If you're wondering exactly what that means take a look at the tattoo on Chelsea's right arm.
Wearing her work on her sleeve:
Chelsea says she owns every
item in this jewelry box.
Chelsea has six tattoos, a house full of craft supplies, and a U.K. stamp in her passport from last January when she went to see Roxy Music, her favourite band from the 70s, in concert in Manchester.

She bookended the trip in Paris, where a part of her would like to live one day.

Until Winnipeg Vintage opens, check out how their website is progressing or go see Chelsea at the Merchantile. 


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  2. Love that you love typo.

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