Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Dear Winnipeg,

'People Before Profit' is a heartwarming sentiment in a month that has seen our city "Occupied" and reach its own previously set record - 34th homicide of the year.

Painted in bold white and gray letters on the roof of the Nepon Auto Body shop, "Welcome to the North End: People Before Profit" has been greeting people as they come over the Slaw Rebchuk Bridge on Salter Street for longer than I've been alive. (see image below)

It's one of those things that I always look at, occasionally think about, and definitely didn't care that much about. That is until someone changed the shingles today.

As of this moment, the hand-painted letters have been stripped.

The only question on my mind is Are they going to put the sign back up?

Waiting and Slightly Worried

Page 113, "The Mosaic Village: An Illustrated History of Winnipeg's North End," by Russ Gourluck

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