Thursday, 17 January 2013

Good News

If you're looking for good news then I have to tell you ... you and I are in the same boat. I was never much for reading the paper front to back unless maybe its the weekend (I like my news condensed Metro-style most days), but now I find myself not wanting to know any what papers print in their front sections. All of it, okay most of it, is just bad news. Not the way I want to start my morning.

Or, for that matter, my paper.

Having dipped my toes into the field of journalism thanks to the wonderful (no sarcasm) Creative Communications program I'm finishing up this term, I understand the old mantra, If it bleds it leads. There's usually a sense of urgency in those stories e.g. people need to know this NOW and that's why it's in the front section. But my thoughts are that the papers need to filter out the news (I thought that was the point of papers) to the stuff we really need to know.

And first thing in the morning, I don't need to know everything that's wrong with the day.


  1. As the old paper format dies, maybe a new online version will modify its content based on the time of day. A gentler paper?

  2. I like that idea, Matt. Mid-day, heavy news feels like something you can handle.


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