Monday, 17 October 2011

Made you look!

A couple of years ago Winnipeg shop owners faced an interesting problem. A sign-napper. This person–whomever they were—took it upon themselves to rearrange the letters on street-level message boards.

For a brief time, a beauty salon on Main Street had 10% off sperm instead of 10% off perms, a restaurant on Leila had a special on boiled chicken instead of broiled chicken and, well, you get the picture.

After a while this guy—or gal—went M.I.A. Much to the dismay of those of us enjoying the occasional giggle they provided.

This morning, however, commuters in Charleswood were presented with this interesting thought on a lit up road sign.

Photo taken from Winnipeg Free Press website, Oct. 17, 2011

While Manitoba Public Insurance, who owns and operates the signs, was suitably “shocked” at the electronic F-bomb, the comments I read on the Free Press website are loving it.

It’s funny.


Keep the new word.


Despite what any of us may think about the legalities, swearing, etcetera, you have to admit it made people look.

And that, despite itself, is good advertising.

It’s like really short shorts on a middle-aged man. Or really red flowers on a poinsettia plant. Or baby wiener dogs. You’ll look every time.

So, what’s your opinion on the signs? Funny or inappropriate?


  1. Sometimes a little profanity can reach the message further. That was probably the funniest hacking in recent years.

    MPI should've kept it. hehe

  2. You gotta think some drivers slowed down just doing a double-take :)

  3. How about funny and inappropriate?


What do you think?