Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tweet, Tweet ...

In the news this week the Winnipeg Blue Bombers lost their second game against the Saskatchewan Rough Riders, the RCMP made a grab for 1000s of dollars of counterfeit clothes, and SpongeBob Square Pants was ousted as a bad influence on youngsters’ mental development.

This announcement comes from the parents who a few years ago were letting us watch Teletubbies (where the human-things didn’t talk) and Veggie Tales (where the broccoli did).

Tell me some kids weren’t irrevocably confused by that.

Speaking of confusing. My first foray into Twitterverse came today with a soul-screeching cry you likely heard if you were down wind of me around ten this morning.

My technological foot-dragging is no more. If anything I’m sunk five inches in mud. 

But don’t try and pull me out – this goo is the stuff of the future. Tweet, tweet and away.

And no I will not be telling you to follow me on Twitter just because @jaclynleskiw is a terribly interesting person. Which I am.

I will invoke a tit-for-tat agreement with my future followers (cue the mwahhaha laugh): you follow my tweets and I’ll follow yours. Okay, no laugh.

And if you’re looking for something to tweet about this week, check out the blog one hour parking and see what you can do in Winnipeg for an hour a week.

Cus' that's the thing about Winnipeg ... we're tweeties. We like to share our good times.

Link to one hour parking blog:


  1. How does that Saskatchewan team spell its name?

  2. Correction to blog post: it's the Saskatchewan Roughriders, no space. Gotta love artistic license.

    Thanks for reading.


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