Friday, 9 September 2011

And So We Meet ...

Yesterday, through the insanely hot glare that has been beating down on Winnipeg for the past few days I saw a pair of legs leaning against a boulder, seemingly without a body attached to them.

Upon closer inspection (and after the exhausted girl sat up) I realized that had I not been in a rush to catch my bus on Main Street, I would have been occupying that exact same position. This kind of heat in September does a strange thing to a Winnipegger.

I believe it is called shock. (We’re used to cold, in case global warming has let you forget.)

But it’s not just the weather that makes Winnipeggers do odd things. The thing about Winnipeg is it’s an eclectic place. With 31 districts, three premierial candidates, and 25 days left until the provincial elections on October 4th, Winnipeg is running the risk of getting dirty with the mud being slung.

But the people in Winnipeg and the (occasionally odd) things they do are the perfect anecdote to the bad we see on the news or are fed through our twitter accounts.

Take a second, look around, and laugh at your own misconceptions, the weird thing you said, or (if you’re nice about it) other people. That’s my goal with this blog: not to take myself or my city too seriously.

Every time I leave Winnipeg I remember a reason why I love this city and why it’s such a great place to be – living or visiting. What I want to do now is push my appreciation of Winnipeg while I’m still here.

So every week I’m going to post a story, a tidbit of information, a cool photo about something or someone that caught my attention. And to tear my eyes away from my shiny new iPhone will be no unimpressive feat.


Please give me your feedback on what I write. Like something, want me to know something weird you saw? Let me know! Just please be respectful.

To get us started, here’s the link to the best headline I’ve ever heard. I read it yesterday on Metro Winnipeg’s app. Link

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