Monday, 1 April 2013

Judging Me, Judging You

A lovely Monday afternoon in Starbucks was marred by the complaint of two middle-aged men sitting on the other side of the column where my laptop was plugged in.

Now my friends and family usually laugh about my obsessive shoulder checking when I’m (ahem) passing judgment about people I know. Not that I do it that often, of course. J But my shoulder checking and lowered voice are as much a benefit to me (in case the person I’m talking about it sitting behind me) as it is to the other people sitting in the restaurant or, in this case, the Starbucks where I’m chatting.

I don’t want to hear you complain about your wife any more than you want to write my last report for me. So please, all I’m asking is that if you pick this time and this place to vent your troubles (“a ‘Honey-do’ list that is three pages long”), vent quietly people. Otherwise it ends with me judging you and then judging myself for doing so.

Besides, Winnipeg is such a small place. Can you afford to gossip so loudly?

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